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Privacy Policy

Thank you for following “The Vegan Blaze, LLC” (“TVB, LLC”) and being part of our community dedicated to animal-rights activism. We are committed to protecting your personal information and right to privacy. If you have any questions or concerns about this privacy notice, please feel free to contact us at


This Privacy Policy notice applies to any and all information collected across any and all websites, products, services, and any current online platforms including, but not limited to, Youtube, Patreon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and any future online platforms (hereby called “TVB, LLC Services”). 


Please read this Privacy Policy notice carefully as it will help you understand what we do with the information we collect.

What Infomation Do We Collect?
How is the Information Collected, Stored, and Protected?

Table of Contents

  1. What information do we collect?

  2. How is the information collected, stored, and protected?

  3. How is the information used?

  4. Removal of published content.

  5. Change of privacy policy.

  6. Company contact information.

1. What information do we collect?
“TVB, LLC” collects any and all information that is provided on any volunteer forms. In order to submit an article to “TVB, LLC” for review, you will be required to complete a form that asks you which personal information you would like to be included in your article’s publication. Such information includes, but is not limited to, full name, email address, and links to other social media, as desired.
“TVB, LLC” reserves the right to share and publish any personal information the author submits on the form to be used in publication ONLY on published content. No personal information will be directly and deliberately shared with any other person, entity, or organization outside of said published work that may be published on any and all “TVB, LLC Services.”
2. How is the information collected, stored, and protected?
“TVB, LLC” collects data through forms that users and/or volunteers complete to secure volunteer work. These forms are created by “Mailchimp” and the information submitted through these forms are collected under the secured “TVB, LLC” Mailchimp account. No persons, third-parties, entities, or organizations outside of “TVB, LLC” have any right to access this secured information in any way.
3. How is the information used?
“TVB, LLC” uses collected information only to credit the source of the published content. Articles, videos, or audio content may list the name of the author or creator in order to give credit to the work. Information is not used in any other way than to credit sources of content.
4. Removal of published content
The authors of submitted, approved, and published content have the right to request of “TVB, LLC” to remove any submitted, approved, and published work from any “TVB, LLC Services.” Authors who want to request the removal of any submitted, approved, and published work must contact “TVB, LLC” and request to do so. “TVB, LLC” has an obligation to the author to investigate the issue and provide a resolution within seven (7) days of acknowledgement of the request.
5. Change of Privacy Policy
“TVB, LLC” reserves the right to change, alter, add, remove, or otherwise modify our Privacy Policy notice at any time for any reason. It is your responsibility to review this section from time to time to maintain appropriate knowledge of any updates to our Privacy Policy notice. It is also our responsibility to notify all individuals listed on our email database of any immediate changes to our Privacy Policy notice here-forth by email notifications and updates.
6. Company Contact Information
If you would like to contact “The Vegan Blaze, LLC,” you may do so by emailing us at

How is the Information Used?
Removal of Published Content
Change of Privacy Policy
Company Contact Information
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