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Cows on a Farm


Become a leader of your community by joining our movement and fighting for the rights of all animals.


About Us

Founder, Royce Gomez, at a protest.


The Vegan Blaze is a media broadcasting company focused on delivering animal rights and vegan related news to the public.

Royce Gomez, founder of The Vegan Blaze, was first introduced to animal rights when he watched a debate that Joey Carbstrong, an Australian animal rights activist, had with a farmer. This planted a passion in Royce to become vegan and begin his journey into activism.

Royce spent the next year joining protests with other organizations. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, protest gatherings were halted. It was during this shutdown that Royce decided to make his own moves as an animal rights activist as he wanted his voice heard.​

“We believe animals have a right to their bodily autonomy. All animals have a right to their life without being harmed by moral agents (humans)."

-Royce Gomez, Founder



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Getting started with a vegan diet begins with learning what it takes.


There is more to veganism than diet, it's about using products that are cruelty-free.


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