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Caloric Intake for Vegans

Calorie Rich Foods
Calorie Rich Foods

You want to be a vegan, but are not sure how to fulfill your calorie intake? Here is how vegans are eating enough each day.

You may notice, as you start your journey into a vegan diet, that you will all of a sudden acquire a bigger appetite. You may feel more hungry, more often, and wonder why.

A vegan diet consists of high fiber and water (as well as other factors) that do not add any caloric value. Vegans require more intake than non-vegans to sustain a proper balance of calories. This leads to bigger portions of food, eating more often, and snacking in-between meals.


During a vegan diet, your fiber-filled foods go mostly undigested and, since calories can be attached to that fiber, may not get absorbed. It is important to make sure that you are eating enough food to make up for this caloric deficit.

Here are a few high-calorie vegan foods you can eat to maintain a healthy weight as a vegan:

  1. Nuts and Nut Butters

  2. Avocado

  3. Quinoa

  4. Tahini

  5. Olive Oil

  6. Dried fruit

  7. Legumes

  8. Sweet Potatoes

  9. Rice

  10. Coconut Oil

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